Wart and Mole Removal Treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi

Wart and Mole Removal Treatment in Greater Kailash, South Delhi

Moles and warts are common skin discrepancies and appear in most people. However, sometimes they can be concerning and require treatment based on their location, appearance, and other associated symptoms.

Wart and mole removal is an in-office procedure that is minimally invasive and virtually painless. And at Soul Derma, we have certified doctors to perform this treatment.

What are moles?

Melanocytes, or pigmented skin cells, cluster together to form moles, coloured growths on the skin. Moles are quite prevalent and appear throughout a person’s life at various growth phases, typically up until the age of 40.

Dysplastic nevi, or atypical moles, indicate a higher chance of developing skin cancer. Dermatologists advise having a mole examined if it stands out from the rest of the moles on your body, gets bigger, or changes colour.

How can moles be removed?

The optimal approach for removing a mole depends on the mole’s size, shape, and colour, among other factors. It is advisable to remove other moles that have altered in colour or shape so that a biopsy can be performed to see if they are connected to skin cancer.

  • Shave removal- In this method, a scalpel is used to excise the moles.
  • Excision / Cutting- A local anaesthetic before removing the mole with a knife or surgical scissors. There can be a minor scar.
  • Freezing- Liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze off benign moles that haven’t penetrated the deeper layers of skin and aren’t carcinogenic.
  • Laser- It uses a specific beam of light that can readily remove flat moles, skin tags, or projecting moles.
  • Through our customized treatments, wart & mole vanish, and you can have blemish-free skin.

What exactly are warts, and how do they develop?

Warts are the second most frequent dermatological condition

The human papillomavirus, which enters the skin and causes cells to multiply quickly, is what causes warts. This virus is discussed extensively under the section of our website devoted to genital warts.

Warts typically spread via direct contact. Not everyone exposed to HPV will acquire a wart because everyone reacts differently to it.

What are the types of warts?

Common warts: They are elevated warts with rough surfaces that appear on the hands

Flat: Flat warts are smoother, flatter, and smaller than common warts and are encountered on the face

Plantar: Plantar warts typically resemble flesh-coloured or light brown bumps on the bottom of the foot.

Genital: Genital warts can develop in the vagina, the anus, the pubic region, and the genitals. They resemble little red or pink growths.

Wart removal

Liquid nitrogen, chemical ablation, and lasers are just a few methods that can be used to remove warts. A wart’s size and nature, as well as its location, will determine the removal method. Surgery to remove warts is intended to eliminate the wart without leaving behind any scar tissue. The procedure that will work for your particular circumstance can be discussed during a visit with Anika Goel.

She uses the best techniques for wart mole removal after a detailed analysis

  • Freezing: Liquid nitrogen is utilised in this procedure to freeze the wart. Within a week, the dead tissue sheds off, and a blister forms around the wart
  • Medications: Medications for skin tag mole wart removal cause blister formation and eventual removal. To kill the infection, there are injectable treatments. Genital warts can be treated using prescription creams such as skin tag wart and mole remover
  • Warts, moles, and skin tag removal treatment must be carried out only under an expert dermatologist
  • Minor Surgery: When other procedures don’t work, you might consider having minor surgery. The wart will be removed, and either its base will be frozen or killed with an electric needle (cryosurgery)
  • Laser Surgery: During this treatment, a powerful light beam (the laser) is used to burn and remove warts and is one of the best mole and wart remover treatment

These methods make the wart and mole vanish and address your skin concerns.

Wart mole treatment is available at Soul Derma, and we take meticulous care of even the smallest details to give the most natural-looking and revitalised skin.

Schedule a consultation with Dr Anika Goel, Skin Specialist at Soul Derma for the best warts and moles treatment.

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