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Enjoy Long-Lasting Youthfulness with Medical Peel Treatment at Soul Derma 

Medical peel in Delhi at Soul Derma involves the application of a chemical exfoliant to improve your skin’s texture. Medical peel, often known as a chemical peel, is a non-surgical way of rejuvenating your face to treat wrinkles and acne.

Dr Anika Goel specialises in administering a range of chemical peels. We rely on chemical peels to remove dead skin cells and boost the growth of new cells. Our chemical peels are suitable for treating the skin on the face, arms, and legs.

Before administering chemical peel, we evaluate your skin correctly. Based on your skin’s conditions, we apply the right chemical peel on your face. Our chemical peels have actions ranging from mild to profound.

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The Advantages of Chemical Peels for your Skin 

Dr Anika Goel possesses massive expertise in applying the right face peel to help you achieve a spotless look. If you have persistent scars and acne, consider opting for our chemical peels. Some of the advantages of chemical peels are as follows:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evening out the skin tone
  • Make your skin look smoother
  • Improves the appearance of mild scars

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What Types of Skin Issues can Chemical Peels treat?

Chemical peel treatment at Soul Derma is ideal for many skin issues. This procedure gently peels off the old and damaged skin cells. Moreover, a chemical peel can effectively boost the growth of healthy skin. Chemical peels administered by Dr Anika Goel can assist with the following:

  • Dull and ageing skin
  • Damage from UV rays
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven and enlarged pores
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

We provide the best and most customised chemical face peel treatment in Delhi.

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Wide Range of Chemical Peels available at Soul Derma 

As the top skincare clinic in Delhi, we have a versatile range of chemical peels. Dr Anika Goel is adept at providing the best chemical skin peel based on your condition. Here are the types of chemical peels available at Soul Derma.

Multimask Peels 

If you have hyperpigmentation, our multimask peels are suitable for you. Moreover, pregnant women and new mothers can opt for our multimask peels to treat pigmentation.

Enzyme Peels 

We leverage enzyme peels to boost your skin’s natural renewal. It offers an effective solution to cell renewal and is excellent for all skin types. Enzyme peel treatment carefully and effectively removes dead cells.

Salicylic Peels

Salicylic peels are suitable if you have visible acne and scar marks on your face. We use salicylic acid peels to remove debris and pollutants from your skin. It is an effective skin peeling treatment that offers great results.

Glycolic Peels 

If you want a skin peel procedure that can completely renew your facial skin, glycolic peels are pretty ideal. It profoundly exfoliates while gently resurfacing the skin. One of the key benefits of glycolic peels is their suitability for all skin tones. It is also a proven chemical peel for acne scars.

Procedure involving Chemical Peeling at our Clinic 

We follow a detailed process for skin peeling treatment in Delhi. Here are some procedures we follow for face peeling treatment at our clinic.

  • We will first apply the solution to your face after cleansing the skin with a cleanser,
  • The best chemical peel for acne works best when it is left on the skin to act,
  • After some time, we will neutralise the peel with a buffer solution,
  • You would require multiple sessions for optimum outcomes.

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